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NEW! Hungry Hide & Seek: Search the kitchen for ingredients to complete Lift-Off!'s favorite recipes. Use the "Hint" button if you get stuck!

Fruit Salad: Match 3 or more fruit slices to conquer each level. Level 3 is hard, even for Lift-Off!

Memory: Match the images on the cards to move onto the next level. Keep track of your time on each level to beat your times!

Veggie Delivery: Guide Lift-Off! through the chocolate obstacles while gathering veggies along the way. Be careful not to drop any veggies from your basket!

Hiking Adventure: Choose your character and jump ledge to ledge to help Lift-Off! reach the top. Gather the healthy items and water along the way to keep Lift-Off! feeling good, but beware of the unhealthy sweets along the way!

Click the images below to play each game ~ enjoy!


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